Paralympics can raise attention to the rights of people with disabilities

ChinaDaily called for an Interview with Esteban Tromel, ILO Senior Disability Specialist

Date issued: 01 March 2022 |
With the approaching of 2022 Beijing Paralympic Games, the attention to rights of people with disabilities both at global level and at country level has increased exponentially.

Though digital divide has been presented in the context of COVID-19 between people with disabilities and people without, it also provides an amazing opportunity.

An increasing number of organizations are recognizing disability as a source of diversity, talent and innovation. Companies have greater opportunities than ever before to bring in persons with disabilities, as customers and clients, but also as employees and managers and thereby gain a competitive advantage.

With proper trainings, “Persons with disabilities can become cyber security professionals, experts at artificial intelligence and blockchain", said Esteban Tromel, ILO Senior Disability Specialist in an interview with China Daily.

More concrete actions need to be taken to ensure a future of work that is inclusive of people with disabilities.

Hereunder is the full episode of the interview.