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The ILO publishes a wide range of books, reports, working papers, training manuals, guides and videos, relevant to Asia and the Pacific. Some of these can be downloaded directly. Others can be requested or purchased in hard copy from the ILO Knowledge Centre in Bangkok.

August 1994

  1. Guide to worker-owned cooperative development

    Working together to create jobs: A guide to worker-owned cooperative development

    26 August 1994

  2. Export processing zones in the Philippines

    An overview of Philippine EPZs

    25 August 1994

July 1994

  1. Gender analysis in cooperatives

    Training manual: Gender sensitivity training: An introduction to gender analysis in cooperatives

    20 July 1994

  2. Persons with disabilities in the informal sector

    People with disabilities in the informal sector

    15 July 1994

June 1994

  1. Informal sector in the Philippines

    Background paper on the informal sector in the Philippines

    10 June 1994

March 1994

  1. Manual for training cooperative

    Manual for training cooperative management staff

    31 March 1994

January 1994

  1. Pre-membership education seminar

    Trainers' manual: Pre-membership education seminar

    10 January 1994

  2. Publication

    Disability and employment in Asia

    01 January 1994

  3. Publication

    Towards equalizing opportunities for disabled people in Asia: a guide

    01 January 1994

  4. Publication

    Preventive measures in hazardous occupations in Asia: a guide

    01 January 1994

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