Time-use surveys and statistics in Asia and the Pacific: A review of challenges and future directions

The report on Time-use surveys and statistics in Asia and the Pacific is a joint ILO-UNDP publication presenting a review of the recent situation and challenges on time-use statistics in the Region, with the main objective to advocate for better collection and use of time-use data in support of policy development such as gender equality.

Time-use statistics are critical for measuring and analysing the quality of life and general well-being. They offer a more comprehensive measurement of all forms of work, including unpaid work and non-market production. They provide reliable data for evidence-based policy advocacy, contributing to policy dialogues and measures towards gender equality. Despite their immense utility, time-use statistics are not yet widely produced nor are time-use surveys integrated into national statistical systems. The report stresses the need for greater awareness among policy-makers and the statistical community on the importance of time-use statistics, particularly for the better monitoring of progress towards achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.