Asia-Pacific labour market insights

Asia-Pacific Employment and Social Outlook 2022

Jobs in Asia and the Pacific record modest recovery while future growth prospects remain challenging
Region’s labour market yet to get back on pre-crisis track while clear need exists to drive decent work in sectors employing the majority of workers.


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    More than one in four workers in South-East Asia employed in global supply chains

    International Labour Organization Working Paper highlights scale of South-East Asian labour market engagement in global supply chains as well as need for strengthened policy and enhanced skills development to maximise decent work benefits.

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    Why the unemployment rate is a weak metric of decent work in Asia and the Pacific

    The unemployment rate is widely used internationally to assess the performance of a country’s labour market. However, it is a considerably less useful indicator in the Asia-Pacific region.

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    Women bear brunt of Afghanistan job losses

    Female employment levels in Afghanistan have fallen steeply since the Taliban administration took over in 2021, according to new figures released by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

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    New ILO estimates show Myanmar remains deeply affected by job losses in first half of 2022

    Employment remains well below 2020 levels while productivity levels contract further and job quality deteriorates.

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    E-formalization: A Korean success story

    An ILO report Digital solutions and formalization: E-formalization case study on the Republic of Korea highlights the role digitalization has played in Korea’s formalization success story and provides a series of valuable experiences for other countries in the region.

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    ILO estimates reveal 1.6 million jobs lost in Myanmar in 2021

    Military takeover hammers labour market already weakened by impact of COVID-19, women workers hit hardest.

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