Factors affecting women entrepreneurship in small and cottage industries in Nepal

Study on opportuninties and constraints for women entrepreneurs in small cottage industries in Nepal. Describes legal barriers to women entrepreneurship and financial and market constraints facing women in particular.

This report brings together a large amount of information on various entrepreneurship and women’s development programmes which have been formulated in Nepal. It also assesses the extent and the quality of women’s participation in these programmes. The situation is updated by providing an assessment of the current position of women entrepreneurs in Nepal, as well as of the existing support programmes and mechanism. The paper looks at the socio-cultural, educational and legal barriers to women’s entrepreneurship in Nepal. In addition, there is a valuable overview of the personality traits essential for successful entrepreneurship, with consideration given to distinctions between female and male entrepreneurs. The report also analyses supply-side economic opportunities, such as credit and marketing support, for women to establish their own enterprises. This section includes useful profiles of most of the key agencies involved in promoting women’s entrepreneurship in Nepal. While presenting a comprehensive overview of the status of women entrepreneurs in Nepal, the report goes a stage further by providing policy-makers with recommendations aimed at enhancing the economic empowerment of women throughout the country.