Decent Work in Garment Supply Chains Asia

Women entrepreneurs leading the way: Promoting a circular economy and more sustainable practices in the garment sector

The report outlines four women leaders in Asia’s garment and textile sector who are making positive contributions to sector-specific challenges related to gender equality, environmental sustainability and industry recovery from COVID-19. The entrepreneurs share their personal and business experiences showcasing sustainable enterprises, introduction of circular economies and adopting alternative leadership styles at work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to adverse impacts on Asia and the Pacific’s 35 million women garment workers. With COVID-19, persisting gender inequalities and an aggravating climate emergency, the garment and textiles sector have reached a pivotal crossroads.

Through the entrepreneurs’ accounts, the report highlights how women’s leadership is a driver for more sustainable business practices and gender equality in the garment sector. In contrast to the mass production of textiles and garments, the profiles emphasise a pattern of women’s entrepreneurship dedicated to circular economy business models that are kinder to people and the planet. The report highlights the importance of looking at alternative leadership styles in Asia’s garment sector for a more inclusive and resilient industry.