Green jobs in ASEAN

Regional study on green jobs policy readiness in ASEAN: Highlights

The ILO and ASEAN, with the leadership of Malaysia, worked together to conduct a study to assess policy readiness for promoting green jobs and a just transition across AMS. This document shares the highlights of the report, which includes country narratives and a summary assessment.

Green jobs are a high priority in ASEAN. The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging all ASEAN Member States as they balance the health crisis with economic downturn and additional calls for fiscal stimulus. The need for green jobs is even more important now, yet resources both in the public and private sectors are constrained. Knowledge sharing and understanding best practice in promoting green jobs is essential to ensure scarce resources are used in the most effective ways. This report contributes to this knowledge sharing by using data from each of the ASEAN Member States to develop a policy framework and assess the level of policy readiness needed to promote green jobs and just transition in ASEAN countries.