Practitioners' guides on employment service centres: Operating employment service centres (Volume 2)

The Practitioners’ guides on employment service centres are a collection of resource manuals on public employment services delivery, focusing specifically on the practical operations of employment service centres and the delivery of employer and counselling services. Volume 2 aims to assist managers and staff to develop a clear understanding of: a. employment services concepts, systems, and procedures; b. how to organize and manage these services efficiently; and c. ensuring uniformity in the application of procedures in all ESC, by all staff.

The Guides are a collection of resource manuals on public employment services delivery. There are four volumes in this collection. Training of trainers on operations, counselling, and employer services (Volume 1) is a companion to the three other procedural manuals on employment services: Operating employment service centres (Volume 2); Providing effective counselling services (Volume 3); and Providing effective employer services (Volume 4).

Operating employment service centres (Volume 2) is intended to be used as an ongoing resource guide by the managers and staff of ESC and line agencies within relevant ministries, as they plan and execute their mandate to provide fair and accessible employment services to all jobseekers and enterprises that seek their assistance. It can also be used as a self-help instruction guide for new staff as they become oriented in their new job. While much of the information contained in this guide will be universally applicable for ESC operations, some sections may require some customization in order to accurately reflect procedures within individual countries. This adaptation would most appropriately occur at the national level in each country.

The development of Operating employment service centres (Volume 2) is a continuous process, since systems and procedures need to respond to the changing needs of society and labour markets. The overall responsibility for maintaining this manual should rest at the national headquarters level within the appropriate ministry or department responsible for providing oversight and technical guidance in the area of skills development and employment services. When changes or improvements in the procedures outlined in this manual are required, recommendations should be forwarded to this office. Recommendations for change will be considered, and the department will issue amendments to all ESC as appropriate.