Report to the Government: Assessment of the social security legislation for the ratification of the Social Security (Minimum Standards) Convention, 1952 (No. 102)

This report contains a detailed legal assessment of existing social security provisions taking into account the requirements of Convention No. 102, and is intended to serve as a reference in view of a possible future ratification of Convention No. 102 by Mongolia. It formulates a number of recommendations and, on the basis of the analysis with the information made available to the ILO at the time of preparing this report, concludes that Mongolia is indeed in a position to ratify the Convention by meeting its minimum requirements.

All the relevant provision of the Mongolian legislation being considered, it may be concluded that the requirements laid down in Article 72 are fulfilled. Not only is the administration entrusted to an institution regulated by the public authorities, but the participation of protected person in the management/or in a consultative capacity also seems ensured by the establishment of the tripartite National Council. Paragraph 3 of Article 72 of the Convention is also fulfilled as the general responsibility of the State for the administration of the institutions and services is stipulated in the legislation.