WARM: Work Adjustment for Recycling and Managing Waste

Action manual for waste collectors and communities to promote their joint actions in improving safety, health and efficiency in waste collection and management.

Safe and efficient waste collection systems are the foundation for recycling and managing waste and protecting our environment. Waste collectors contribute to cleaning our environment through their collection work day-by-day. However, waste collectors often face many risks associated with their collection work such as handling heavy and dangerous waste, traffic accidents, or hot working environment.

The WARM (Work Adjustment for Recycling and Managing Waste) training manual aims to improve the safety, health and efficiency of waste collection work. The manual was born form the joint effort of the people in Fiji, ILO's Green Jobs Initiatives and JICA's initiatives to promote 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle wastes). The manual uses many illustrations of good examples that waste collectors and managers can put to immediate use. ILO's participatory training approaches are fully applied in the manual. The manual promotes practical collaborative actions between waster collectors and the community for establishing safety and efficient waste collection systems in Fiji and other countries.