Issues in workplace learning in Asia and the Pacific - Report of ILO/SKILLS-AP/Japan/OVTA Regional Workshop and Study Programme on Workplace Learning in Japan, Chiba, 22 – 30 January, 2008

A workshop on workplace learning was held from 22nd through 30th January 2008 in Chiba, Japan. It was designed to assist partner organizations in countries in the region increase their awareness of the importance of workplace learning. The meeting explored ways in which public policy in Japan has been used to enhance the productivity of enterprises by encouraging them to make more effective use of the skills of their employees. Each country representative provided details of their experiences, national training policies, and examples of good practice. They also identified constraints to the promotion and development of workplace learning. A newly developed ‘draft Guide to Workplace Learning’ was provided, and participants from each country agreed to work together in tripartite groups to develop a plan promoting future workplace learning activities within their own country.