ILO/China South-South Cooperation Project to Expand Employment Services and Enhance Labour Market Information in Cambodia and Lao People’s Democratic Republic

This Project is designed to improve labour market efficiency and participation, reducing unemployment, and enhancing linkages and information flows between job seekers and employers, which will in turn contribute to the reduction of poverty in Cambodia and Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

About the project

This Project aims to enhance the quality of employment services in Cambodia and Lao People’s Democratic Republic and improve the collection, analysis and dissemination of  labour market information. Read more

Our impact, their voices

Matching workers and employers through better employment services
The ILO/China South-South project has led to an improvement in the sharing of labour market data and closer cooperation between the Cambodian government, workers’ and employers’ organizations.

ASEAN+3 Conference on Employment Services

The conference gathers practitioners from ASEAN countries, China, Japan, South Korean and the ILO to share knowledge and best practices in employment services delivery. Read more