Pakistan - Country Brief

Pakistan : Country Brief

The EIIP is currently involved in two specific project related initiatives in Pakistan. The current main activity is related to the EU funded Community-based Livelihoods Recovery Programme for Earthquake Affected Areas in which there is a significant rural access road reconstruction component. The access road works programme is now up and running with progress running according to schedule. The second is the provision of technical assistance to the WB funded earthquake reconstruction project in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). TA support started in December 2007 and will continue in 2008 through WB trust funds provided by DfID.

The ILO assistance to the EU Livelihoods Programme is related to three components, (i) skills development, (ii) reconstruction of rural infrastructure and (iii) employment generation services. ASIST-AP has provided a rural road specialist to assist the project with the start-up and training required for the community road rehabilitation works.

The road works component is now in full implementation, having commenced 56 villages access road improvement projects. Works are implemented through contracts with the communities served by the roads. 30 of these sub-projects are expected complete by January 2008, with another 26 expected to be completed in March 2008.

The project envisages an additional 30 new sub-projects which are expected to be complete before the end of 2008.

EIIP has also implemented a series of activities in response to a request from the Planning Commission to enhance the employment intensity of on-going rural infrastructure projects in the country. Activities have included a comprehensive study of the sector including several workshops to discuss how the ILO can play a more active role in this field. The ILO has also supported staff members from the Ministries to participate in the EIIP course held at the ILO International Training Centre in Turin, Italy.