Tourism and employment

ILO Viet Nam Director's Speech at Hue Festival 2014

ILO Viet Nam Director, Gyorgy Sziraczki, addresses an event in the framework of the Heritage Festival organized in Hue on 12 April 2014.

Statement | Hanoi, Viet Nam | 12 April 2014
It is my honour to be part of this year Hue Festival in such a beautiful and historic city. This is an important event that helps safeguard the world heritage, preserve the history, and promote local culture.

Cultural heritage is a factor of economic and social development, especially sustainable tourism. In return, tourism will support the preservation of cultural heritage and our identity, history and values.

As we gather here today, there are thousands of tourists out there touring the attraction sites of Hue. The number of visitors to this beautiful city has been on a rise.

Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. It is also among the top job-creating sectors because of its labour intensive nature and the significant multiplier effect on employment in other related industries. Around the world, tourism accounts for one tenth of the global gross domestic product and creates more than 230 million jobs.

In Viet Nam, tourism is expected to generate 5.6 million direct and indirect jobs by 2020, which is about 10 per cent of the total jobs in the country.

Together with the UNESCO, other UN agencies and development partners, we are trying our best to achieve the multi-dimensional goals of safeguarding the heritage, promoting the culture, boosting sustainable tourism and offering local people a better future.

To do that, the ILO is helping Thua Thien – Hue Province to engage more rural communities in tourism development and to improve the competitiveness of tourism industry.

First, we work on career guidance and entrepreneurship development for young women and men in rural areas;

Second, we focus on improving the competitiveness of tourism sector in the province by enhancing the quality of vocational training; and

Third, we join hands with the UNESCO to bridge the gaps in tourism development through linking the rural communities to the tourism industry.

Our efforts in promoting tourism in Hue cannot be possible without cultural heritage preservation. As a result, our goal is to preserve the Heritage while enhancing its cultural beauty together with creating jobs and generating incomes for local people.

I would like to recognize the commitment and leadership of the provincial government and thank their support to achieve our common goals.

I wish the Festival a great success!

Thank you.