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  1. Press release

    First global analysis of HIV/AIDS impact on the world of work

    12 July 2004, BANGKOK

    A new ILO report and the first global analysis of HIV/AIDS impact on the world of work estimates that 5 million people of working age in Asia are infected with HIV and that more than 10 million will be lost to Asian labour force by 2010.

  2. Press release

    ILO Conclusions on Myanmar Regarding Forced Labour

    18 June 2004,

    The ILO Committee on the Application of Standards presents it's conclusions concerning the question of the observance by the Government of Myanmar of the Forced Labour Convention 1930 (Convention 29).

  3. Press release

    ILO adopts plan to give 25 million Asian migrant workers a fair deal

    17 June 2004, BANGKOK

    The ILO annual Conference has adopted a new plan designed to provide a fair deal for Asias 25 million migrant workers.

  4. Press release

    ILO conference moves to improve safety, working conditions in fishing sector

    16 June 2004, BANGKOK

    The ILO annual Conference takes a significant step toward improving the work and safety conditions of some 29 million people from Asia Pacific who work in one of the world’s most dangerous industries, the fishing sector.

  5. Press release

    Television stars, schools, governments and NGOs pledge to fight worst forms of child domestic labour in Southeast Asia

    09 June 2004, BANGKOK

    Child actors, schools, Governments and a number of NGOs across Southeast Asia are staging a variety of events on the World Day Against Child Labour, which focuses on children working in the homes of others.

  6. Press release

    Ground-breaking surveys expose plight of Bangladesh's working children

    07 June 2004, BANGKOK

    The first nationwide look at the worst forms of child labour in Bangladesh finds that chldren are working long hours, suffer from bad health, receive minimal pay and overall have bleak futures.

  7. Press release

    92nd International Labour Conference Opens on 1 June Delegates to Shape ILO Role for Fair Globalization, Dicsuss Freedom of Association, Migration, and Update Labour Standards

    28 May 2004, BANGKOK

    The annual Conference of the ILO gathers in Geneva to craft a new role for the tripartite labour body in shaping a fair and equitable globalization for all, focusing on Freedom of Association, Migration, and updating Labour Standards.

  8. Press release

    ILO marks 150th ratification of convention on worst forms of child labour, Asian country latest to sign

    24 May 2004, BANGKOK

    The world’s fundamental international standard for combating the worst forms of child labour, ILO Convention No. 182 adopted in 1999, received its 150th ratification by Kyrgyzstan.

  9. Press release

    Japan-funded project to improve safety and health for farmers in Viet Nam

    14 May 2004,

    ILO is unveiling a new three-year, WIND (Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development) project, to improve the health and safety of farmers in Viet Nam.

  10. Press release

    China Employment Forum : China employment forum concludes with focus on decent work for all

    30 April 2004, BEIJING

    China and the ILO adopts a joint statement aimed at forging greater cooperation to create more and better jobs, describing “full and decent employment” as the key to continued development in the world’s most populous country.