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  1. Article

    What Asian countries should not miss while preparing the future of work

    03 October 2019,

    OpEd by ILO economists Sara Elder, Christian Viegelahn and Tejeshwi Nath Bhattarai, authors of 'Preparing for the future of work: National policy responses in ASEAN +6', a study of how ASEAN+6 countries are preparing their labour markets for technological, climate and demographic changes.

  2. Fair recruitment

    Benefits of new Qatar Visa Center discussed at roundtable

    02 October 2019, Manila, Philippines

    A dialogue on the new Qatar Visa Center happened in the Philippines to ensure that it will benefit jobseekers and promote fair recruitment through transparent procedures and digitally signed contracts.

  3. Press release

    ILO global business forum highlights the importance of a sustainability vision for Bangladesh’s RMG sector

    02 October 2019, Dhaka

    Future of $34 billion industry heavily linked to improved labour market governance, effective social dialogue and responsible sourcing practices.

  4. Press release

    ILO supported a consultation convened by workers organizations to highlight the precarious employment and working conditions in the construction sector

    02 October 2019, Peshawar, Pakistan

    The ILO Pakistan through its EU funded project ‘Sustaining strengthened national capacities to improve ILS compliance and reporting in relevant EU trading partners’ supported the workers organizations to high light the precarious employment and working conditions in the construction sector.

  5. News

    Southeast Asian Forum for Fishers to enhance efforts to end human trafficking and forced labour in fisheries

    30 September 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The SEA Forum for Fishers (the Southeast Asian Forum to End Trafficking in Persons and Forced Labour of Fishers) agreed on recommendations calling for flag States to protect fishers and migrant fishers on vessels flying their flag, particularly on high seas.

  6. Women in STEM

    ILO and Thailand enhance women’s access to technical skills in electronics industry

    26 September 2019,

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Ministry of Labour of Thailand have developed a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) training program for women workers in the electronics sector. Minister of Labour M.R. Jatumongkol Sonakul presided the commencement ceremony for the first graduates.

  7. Press release

    ILO facilitates symposium to update Operational Manual for Sri Lankan Diplomatic Missions, enhancing protection and welfare for Sri Lankan migrant workers abroad.

    25 September 2019, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    The ILO Country Office for Sri Lanka and Maldives in partnership with Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), facilitated a three-day symposium on ‘Enhancing protection and welfare for Sri Lankan migrant workers abroad’ on 18th – 20th September 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  8. Article

    China promotes gender equality at work

    23 September 2019,

    OpEd by Claire Courteille-Mulder, the Director of ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia. According to an ILO report, up to 12 percent of workers said they had been subject to verbal abuse, humiliating behavior, bullying, unwanted sexual attention or sexual harassment. Eliminating violence and harassment at the workplace is crucial to achieve greater gender equality and shape a future that works for all men and women, says Claire Courteille-Mulder.

  9. Women in STEM

    Women in STEM career day: Empowering women through ICT skills

    18 September 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    To promote greater involvement of women in ICT-related skills and jobs, the ILO in collaboration with BBPLK-Bekasi conducted a one-day women in STEM career day for young women to learn career options in STEM.

  10. News update

    ILO-led National Cooperative Policy of Sri Lanka

    17 September 2019, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) welcomes cabinet approval received for the National Policy on Cooperatives.