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  1. Trade Union Movement

    Recovering from the COVID-19 crisis: What policies are needed?

    29 May 2020,

    For workers, what risks and opportunities has the COVID-19 crisis brought about? Catelene Passchier, Chair of the Workers’ Group of the ILO Governing Body shares her views on the policies needed to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. She also calls for more regulation of digital work and enhancement of social dialogue and tripartism to provide social justice and decent work for all.

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    COVID-19: Protecting workers in the workplace

    ILO: More than one in six young people out of work due to COVID-19

    27 May 2020,

    The ILO’s latest analysis of the labour market impact of COVID-19 exposes the devastating and disproportionate effect on young workers, and analyses measures being taken to create a safe return to work environment.

  3. International labour standards

    Viet Nam’s lawmakers to pass free trade deal with EU

    27 May 2020,

    The National Assembly will also vote for the ratification of ILO’s fundamental Convention 105 on forced labour during the current sitting.

  4. News

    Government, workers and employers discuss COVID-19 impact on Malaysian supply chains

    26 May 2020,

    According to latest ILO estimates, over one million Malaysian jobs in manufacturing supply chains are at risk due to the COVID-19 crisis; Government, workers and employers discussed how to mitigate the impact of the crisis on Malaysia’s supply chains and build back better.

  5. News

    Online training on key responsible business tool available in Chinese

    25 May 2020,

    Chinese speakers gain access to important training on the MNE Declaration

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    How to ensure older workers fully participate in the recovery after the pandemic

    25 May 2020,

    Older workers are a valuable resource for enterprises yet recent history has shown that many are at risk of losing their jobs following crisis and recession.

  7. News

    Online Class: The ‘new normal’ in TVET

    22 May 2020,

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    COVID-19: Supporting enterprises, jobs and incomes

    ILO issues guidance for safe, healthy, return to work during COVID-19

    22 May 2020,

    Return to work policies should be informed by a human-centred approach that puts rights and international labour standards at the heart of economic, social and environmental strategies and ensures that policy guidance is embedded in national occupational safety and health systems.

  9. Blog

    Small matters more now than ever before

    21 May 2020,

    COVID-19 has ravaged countless small businesses across the world that are key providers of jobs and livelihoods. What needs to be done to ensure they survive?

  10. Q&A

    ILO support for employers during COVID-19 crisis

    20 May 2020,

    The COVID-19 crisis has put extraordinary pressure on employers and private sector businesses, to survive and continue to provide decent work. Deborah France Massin, Director of the ILO’s Bureau for Employers’ Activities, explains how they have been helping with services and tools, and ensuring that the views of enterprise are represented to decision-makers.