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  1. Press release

    Preventing children from pesticides – visual facilitator’s guide contextualized to Pakistan

    13 April 2021, Islamabad, Pakistan

    ILO and FAO’s co-produced tool “Protecting children from pesticides - Visual facilitator's guide” contextualized to Pakistan for simplified understanding and appropriate navigating the risks associated with pesticides.

  2. Press release

    Capacity building of cotton communities on child labour, forced labour and occupational health and safety

    13 April 2021, Multan, Pakistan

    ILO organised series of 27 community level awareness raising seminars on child labour, forced labour, OSH including COVID-19 and protecting children from pesticides for the cotton picking workers of Southern Punjab under its project “Elimination of Child Labour and Forced Labour in the Cotton, Textile and Garment Value Chains: an Integrated Approach” Co-funded by the European Union.

  3. Skills and employability

    Young Kedah workers to benefit from new skills initiative

    11 April 2021,

    The new partnership will help the youth and the workforce in the state gain the skills needed to increase their employability.

  4. Press release

    Community-level awareness raising seminars on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (FPRW) for cotton growing communities

    09 April 2021, Sanghar, Pakistan

    A three-part seminar on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (FPRW) was organized by the Sindh Agricultural & Forestry Workers Coordinating Organization (SAFWCO) in Sanghar, Sindh Province with the support of ILO's INDITEX funded project.

  5. News

    Building resilience and COVID-19 recovery for Lao PDR’s micro, small and medium enterprises

    08 April 2021,

    As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ILO with funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation launches new project promoting resilience and recovery of Lao PDR’s micro, small and medium enterprises.

  6. Women in STEM

    Mentorship to encourage more female youth entering STEM sectors

    07 April 2021, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO applies a mentorship programme in its training programme to encourage more female students enter and participate in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related sectors.

  7. News

    Indonesia to learn from the United Kingdom to set up public employment service

    01 April 2021, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Following the release of unemployment benefit regulation, Indonesia is now strengthening employment agencies' capacity to provide training and job placement service for the unemployed. Policymakers in Indonesia learned from other countries experiences in developing effective public employment service.

  8. Press release

    Stakeholders reaffirm commitment to eradicate child labour in Pakistan

    01 April 2021, Islamabad, Pakistan

    The ILO Office for Pakistan convened national consultative workshop in Islamabad to present Asia Regional Child Labour (ARC) Project to stakeholders, solicit inputs for validating/amending the priority sectors for in-depth research and interventions and assessing stakeholders’ needs to address child labour in the priority sectors. The ARC project is a four year project funded by United Kingdom’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office.

  9. Press release

    Employers call for effective governance of social security schemes through social dialogue

    31 March 2021, Sindh, Pakistan

    Employers and social security agencies continue to discuss issues of governance, data transparency and data sharing, expanding coverage, simplification of registration and contribution as part of the series of awareness raising sessions in Sindh

  10. International Women’s Day 2021

    Stakeholders Dialogue on Convention 190 concerning Violence and Harassment in the World of Work

    31 March 2021, Lahore, Pakistan

    The Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF) in collaboration with the All Pakistan Women Association (APWA) commemorated the International Women Day in Lahore. The theme of the IWD was ‘Stakeholders Dialogue on ILO C-190 Gender Based Violence at Workplace’.