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  1. Press release

    Reaching migrant workers in Thailand amid the tighter lockdown measure as COVID-19 cases surge

    05 August 2021, Bangkok, Thailand

    The joint ILO-UN Women Safe and Fair Programme, under the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative, reached out to migrant workers amid the tighter lockdown measure as COVID-19 cases surge.

  2. Asia-Pacific labour market insights

    What future for the Asia garment industry post-COVID?

    04 August 2021,

    The COVID-19 crisis has hit the global garment industry hard and nowhere has this been felt more than in Asia, where the majority of the industry is based. A new brief from the International Labour Organization looks at what the future holds for the Asian garment sector, how the pandemic is shaping industry trends and the opportunities for a more resilient, sustainable and human-centred future.

  3. ThrivePH Media Advisory

    UN to launch joint research findings to diversify, upgrade Ph economy

    02 August 2021, Manila, Philippines

    The COVID-19 led to massive disruption of the economy and labour market. It has also revealed vulnerabilities of sectors and firms. The UN in the Philippines, in collaboration with the ILO, UNDP and UNIDO conducted a joint research to diversify and upgrade the Philippine economy, which will be launched on Thursday, 5 August 2021.

  4. ThrivePH Media Advisory

    UN to launch joint research findings on gender-responsive, resilient MSMEs

    02 August 2021, Manila, Philippines

    The Philippines endures the world’s longest COVID-19 lockdown halting operations of businesses and enterprises that led economic slowdown with severe implications for micro, small and medium enterprises. Yet, there are emerging opportunities to build a better normal, which UNIDO, UN Women, and the ILO have explored through a UN joint research, which will be launched on Wednesday, 4 August 2021.

  5. Press release

    Social Security Coordination Forum calls for social security extension to workers in the informal economy

    02 August 2021, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Pakistan’s Social Security Coordination Forum agree on strategies to enhance social security schemes effectiveness.

  6. Asia-Pacific labour market insights

    Depressed global consumer demand continues to hit jobs in Asia and the Pacific

    30 July 2021,

    Almost 1 in 3 jobs in Asia and the Pacific are linked to the production of manufacturing products. COVID-19 has led to severe declines in global consumer demand, with only partial and in many cases uncertain recovery in sales of many of these products. An ILO brief highlights the adverse impacts of these consumption trends on peoples’ jobs and livelihoods, especially given the slow progress on vaccination within parts of the region and among some of its trading partners.

  7. News

    Exploring the effectiveness of online apprenticeship programme

    29 July 2021, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO and its partners discussed about the effectiveness of online apprenticeship programme as a mechanism to ensure smooth transition from school/training to work during and beyond the pandemic.

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    Indonesia strengthens its internal coordination for work in fishing

    27 July 2021, Jakarta, Indonesia

    To be more compliant with ILO Convention No. 188 on Work in Fishing, ILO assisted a technical meeting to strengthen coordination with stakeholders to better protect workers in the fishing sector.

  9. Informal Economy

    Tonga’s first ever tapa trade show to commence in August

    22 July 2021,

    The newly-formed Tonga National Tapa-making Workers' Association [TNTWA] plans to inaugurate the association with the country’s first-ever Tapa Trade Show. Organized in partnership with the Tonga Public Service Association, TNTWA was formed through the support of the UN’s Informal Economies Recovery Project. The trade show is expected to be the first of an annual quarterly calendar, aimed at boosting members’ income flow.

  10. Informal Economy

    19 local business trainers in Fiji introduced to ILO’s Community Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) tools

    22 July 2021,

    In an effort to strengthen Business Development Services (BDS) in Fiji, the ILO organised and delivered a Training of Facilitators (ToF) on 1st June 2021.