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  1. Article

    Beyond online movement, eliminating sexual harassment requires tough actions and laws

    24 May 2019,

    By Andrea Prince, Labour Lawyer, ILO Viet Nam

  2. Future of Work

    ILO Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Tomoko Nishimoto, concluded her four-day mission to Kathmandu with an impression of substantive positive changes in Nepal’s socio-economic and labour market.

    22 May 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

    A special mission to promote the ILO’s Centenary Initiative on the Future of Work

  3. ILO100

    ILO and Lao Government, employers and workers take action to improve occupational safety and health in the coffee sector

    21 May 2019,

  4. Future of Work in Nepal

    ILO calls for investment in people’s capabilities for a brighter future

    20 May 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

    A special programme to mark the ILO's 100th anniversary and discussions of the report of the ILO’s Global Commission on the Future of Work: Work for a brighter future.

  5. Fair trade

    Labour chapter important to EU-Viet Nam free trade deal

    16 May 2019,

    Viet Nam has made major steps towards the ratification of ILO fundamental conventions and in revising the Labour Code, which shows the country’s good wills and effective efforts to sign and ratify EVFTA.

  6. Blog

    Can technology transform the fashion industry?

    16 May 2019,

    Talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution can quickly get abstract. Discussion travels at lightning speed into a world of augmented reality and robots, blockchain and biotechnology.

  7. News update

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) sensitize journalists on fair recruitment and forced labour

    10 May 2019, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    On 4th of April, ILO in collaboration with International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and Free Media Movement (FMM) facilitated an Editorial Round Table discussion for editors of local media followed by a two-day training program for 25 journalists.

  8. Enterprise development

    ILO-ETI Experience Sharing Session on SCORE Training for Supply Chain

    08 May 2019, Beijing, China

    ILO and ETI celebrate closure of successful pilot collaboration to upgrade supply chains with SCORE Training in China.

  9. News

    Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the ILO team up to build a community- and employment-based tourism in Indonesia

    06 May 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The Government of Indonesia has prioritized 10 tourism destinations across the country which is called “the next 10 Bali’s”. A large amount of government resources has been allocated to transform these areas to be world class tourism hot spots.

  10. International labour standards

    Lawmakers agree Viet Nam should join ILO convention on collective bargaining

    06 May 2019,

    The dossier for the ratification of Convention 98 has been submitted by the State President to the National Assembly for its upcoming sitting this May.