Training of trainers

Kiribati empowers entrepreneurs to enhance economic activity

Collaboration with the ILO sees trainers trained on Start and Improve Your Business methodology with an aim to reduce rural poverty and unemployment.

Press release | Tarawa, Kiribati | 26 March 2024
Group work during the Start and Improve Your Business Training of Trainers, Kiribati. © ILO
TARAWA (ILO News) – Representatives from Kiribati’s government, state-owned enterprises, training institutions, civil society as well as entrepreneurs took part in a Start & Improve Your Business Training of Trainers’ (ToT) workshop from 5 to 14 March 2024 that saw them gain the skills needed to help train budding entrepreneurs who want to start or improve a small business.

The workshop highlighted the commitment of the Kiribati government to strengthen and revitalize its entrepreneurs and cooperatives as key business players to enhance economic activity, create jobs, help deliver basic services and generate income for communities, including women and youth in the outer islands.

The eight-day Training of trainers’ workshop was held at the Marine Training Centre in Tarawa. It featured in-person and interactive facilitation delivered by the SIYB master trainer to 18 participants. The workshop provided a comprehensive understanding of how to start and sustain a business, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications in areas such as business planning, marketing strategies, financial planning, and sustainability. With a focus on interactive learning, the workshop ensured participants could effectively apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

During the opening session, the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce, Industries and Cooperatives (MTCIC), Honourable Ms. Koaa, stressed that “The Business Promotion Division is mandated to conduct outreach training programs with hope to fulfill the government’s manifesto in addressing the issue of unemployment and poverty in the rural areas. This SIYB training of trainers will boost MTCIC capacity in delivering both sustainable and quality business training programs targeting grassroot people at the rural area.”

She added that, “MTCIC is indeed very pleased to note the continuous assistance provided by ILO in strengthening this capacity. There is hope that in the long run, rural areas will be provided with entrepreneurs who have the insight and the capacity in creating a sustainable livelihood and who are also resilient to the impact of climate change.”

Christian Viegelahn, Specialist for Decent Work and Employment of the ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries, emphasized the importance of the human side of entrepreneurship, saying that behind every business venture were dreams, aspirations, and untapped potential waiting to be nurtured.

“It is the role of trainers to guide, inspire, and instill confidence in individuals who seek to shape their destinies through entrepreneurship and help propel Kiribati forward economically,” he said.

Taking into consideration Kiribati’s vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters, the workshop included Greening Your Business (GYB) and Digitalize Your Business (DYB) components which prioritize green practices and emerging digital technologies as a strategy to enhance business resilience.

The TOT workshop engaged a diverse group of stakeholders, including the Kiribati Chamber of Commerce, Central Pacific Producer Limited, Angirin Enterprises, Tourism Authority of Kiribati, Development Bank of Kiribati, Kiribati Institute of Technology, Government – Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources, Ministry of Women, Youth, Sports and Social Affairs, Department Business - Kiritimati Branch and Te Toamatoa (Persons with Disability Organisation).

The ILO’s flagship SIYB programme, one of the world's largest business management training initiatives, is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their businesses, with a strategic vision to create more and better employment opportunities for women and men. The programme aimed to strengthen the capabilities of business development support providers, financial service providers, and relevant government departments engaged in entrepreneurship training for SMEs across various sectors in the country.

The SIYB+DYB+GYB training of trainers’ workshop was organized by the ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries, in collaboration with the Government of Kiribati, and funded by the SDG fund through the Joint UN Programme on “Accelerating SDG achievement through digital transformation to strengthen community resilience in Micronesia.”

Distribute certificates to participants at the end of the Start and Improve Your Business Training of Trainers, Kiribati. © ILO
Start and Improve Your Business Training of Trainers graduation, Kiribati. © ILO

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