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Training Workshop on Strengthening Regional Capacity on Employment Injury Insurance (EII) and Employment Insurance (EI)

ILO/Korea Partnership Programme and the Korean partner intuitions brought together the tripartite representatives from seven countries in South-East Asia to discuss and enhance their knowledge and understanding in relation to strengthening EII and EI system in the countries.

Press release | Bangkok, Thailand | 09 December 2022
Participants of the ILO/Korea Training Workshop on Employment Injury Insurance (EII) and Employment Insurance (EI). © ILO
BANGKOK, Thailand (ILO News) - The ILO/Korea Partnership Programme together with the ILO International Training Center (ITC) and the ILO Global Employment Injury Programme (GEIP) in collaboration with the Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service (COMWEL) and the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) cohosted the Training Workshop on Employment Injury Insurance (EII) and Employment Insurance (EI): Capacity Building on EII and EI Policy and Administration from 21 – 25 November 2022 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Through a long history of collaboration to strengthen social protection particularly Employment Injury Insurance (EII) and Employment Insurance (EI) in the region, this year was the first joint training workshop on EII and EI with the expectation that the joint workshop will strengthen synergies that can best utilize resources available and increase the effectiveness of the training.

Bringing together tripartite representatives from seven South-East Asian countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam, the training workshop aimed to: (1) identify priority needs in establishing EII and EI in line with ILO Social Security Conventions and international good practices, especially of the Republic of Korea; (2) enhance knowledge in relation to policy design processes associated with the development of EII and EI schemes; particularly regarding evidence based informed tripartite dialogue; (3) better understanding on concrete operations of EII and EI scheme at the country level and possible strategies towards the improvement of the quality of service provisions; and (4) identify constraints of the current administrative process and develop solutions in order to address those challenges. The representative from the International Trade Union Confederation - Asia Pacific (ITUC-AP) also participated in the workshop as an observer. The five-day workshop served as a tripartite dialogue platform and venue for participants to share knowledge, experience and learn from other countries.

The President Kang Soon-hie of Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service (COMWEL) stated during the opening remark that “as you are well aware, exchanges and cooperation between countries are becoming more important to operate a more inclusive and sustainable social security system in a hyper-open and hyper-connected global environment”.

The President Na Yeong-do of Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) emphasized that “the importance of strong partnership and collaboration between ILO and KEIS since the first training workshop in 2007 has been significant to assist and strengthen EI system for Asian countries”.