Ensuring quality of Asia-Pacific skills development systems to be discussed

A 3-day workshop on quality assurance for work-related skills is being held for the ILO's member States in Bangkok, Thailand.

Press release | Bangkok, Thailand | 17 March 2015
BANGKOK (ILO News) – Challenges related to implementing quality assurance mechanisms for work-related skills and strengthening quality assurance systems across Asia-Pacific will be discussed at an International Labour Organization (ILO) workshop, scheduled for 17- 19 March 2015, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Government, employer and worker representatives from six countries in the region, including Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam, will share their experiences, good practices and discuss ways to improve their quality assurance.

“The improvement of the quality of skills through better quality assurance mechanisms will reduce the gaps between the supply of skills and labour market needs. This will further contribute to bringing employment opportunities to more people,” said Carmela Torres, ILO Senior Specialist on Skills and Employability.

“Quality assurance plays an important role in ensuring the right skills are available to meet the needs of individuals, businesses and economies; in supporting pathways into employment including for vulnerable groups and in strengthening mobility between occupations for experienced workers. Without robust quality assurance systems the effectiveness and efficiency of skill systems is seriously undermined,” said Paul Comyn, Senior Specialist on Vocational Training & Skills Development ILO Decent Work Team. “Quality assurance in skills systems do not focus on the size of training centres or the number of courses they deliver; rather they focus on competencies achieved by students and the service standards achieved by training institutions.”

Ms Laura Brewer, Deputy Director, ILO Country Office for the Philippines and Skills and Employability Specialist, emphasized that countries are looking to evaluate the quality of their training systems and seek approaches that have worked for other countries in the region.

“This workshop will offer the opportunity for these countries to benefit from each other’s experiences,” she said.

The workshop, supported by the Government of the Japan, reflects ILO’s consistent commitment to helping governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations improve skills development.

The forum was organized by ILO Regional Skills Programme (RSP) for Asia and the Pacific, which provides technical guidance and support in skills development. The programme also operates the Asia Pacific Skills and Employability Community of Practice (CoP), a web-based interactive space for sharing knowledge and experiences on topics related to skills and employability.

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