ILO Meeting to discuss ways to improve skills development in Asia-Pacific

An International Labour Organization (ILO) meeting is expected to roll out new action plans to improve skills development in Asia and the Pacific.

Press release | 18 July 2014
The meeting scheduled for 24-25 July 2014 In Bangkok, Thailand, will bring together representatives of government, employers’ and workers’ organizations from six countries in the region including India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam. They will share their experiences in the area of skills development, discuss practical approaches to handle challenges and develop plans to further improve the skills development agenda.

We are looking forward to this meeting. We believe the meeting will roll out new action plans to improve skills development needed for our current market situation in Asia and the Pacific.”

Carmela Torres, ILO Senior Specialist on Skills and Employability
The meeting, supported by the Government of the Republic of Korea, reflects ILO’s consistent commitment to helping its constituents build skills in response to technological and market changes and expand quality trainings to disadvantaged groups, including in rural areas and in the informal economy.

The meeting will also evaluate the progress towards the goals established in a number of skills areas. These include regional model competency standards and competency-based trainings, skills for rural development, skills anticipation and labour market information systems (LMIS), skills for green jobs, youth employment and apprenticeships. The meeting also aims to establish new priorities in those areas.

The meeting is organized by ILO Regional Skills Programme (RSP) for Asia and the Pacific. The programme provides technical guidance and support in skills development for countries in region. The programme also operates the Asia Pacific Skills and Employability Community of Practice (CoP), a web-based platform and an interactive space for exchanging and sharing knowledge and experiences on the topics related to skills and employability.

For further information please contact:

Ms Carmela Torres
ILO Senior Specialist on Skills and Employability
Tel.: +662 288-1780

Ms Ruttiya Bhula-or
Programme Officer for Regional Skills Programme
Tel.: +662 288-2244