Coffee: Brewing up better livelihoods in Lao PDR

See how improved coffee cultivation methods are benefitting coffee growers in rural Lao PDR.

Date issued: 01 March 2021 |

Situated at high altitude and with abundant rainfall, Sekong province in the south of Lao PDR has just the right climate to cultivate coffee. Villagers in Sekong do so as a supplement to their rice crops. However their efforts to grow coffee have never yielded very good results.

Through an ILO project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) villagers have learned new skills to enhance their coffee growing skills, resulting in better crops and better prices.

The villagers are now exporting their beans to Japan, Australia and Europe, with the increased income helping support livelihoods and families.

One of the coffee growers Ms Phetlaimone, explained that prior to working with ILO she, along with other villagers, didn’t know the right methods.

“We left the coffee beans outside to dry all day and night. We didn’t turn them. That gave the beans an unattractive colour,” she says.

The skills learned by the community have helped boost incomes and support the quality of residents in Sekong, which is the poorest province of Lao PDR.

As a result of their participation, Ms Phetlaimone’s family have now bought a motorcycle, a life changer in the remote, mountainous province. They are also able to afford electricity and support their children’s school expenses.

“We will continue to do this as it helps to develop our community. I want to do it better,” Ms Phetlaimone adds.

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