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Welcome to the Media centre section, covering the ILO’s activities in Asia and the Pacific. This page acts as a gateway to a wide range of multilingual background material, including press materials, newsletters and journals, videos, leaflets, fact sheets and brochures. You can also find contact details for the ILO’s communications staff in the region, and details of its publications, knowledge centre services and databases.

For further information please contact the Regional Communications Department (RCOMM) at Tel: +66 2 288 2202, Fax: +66 2 288 1076 or Email

Statement and speeches

  1. Statement

    Labour Statistics are foundation of policy-making for Decent Work

    14 November 2019

  2. Statement

    Strive to build the future of work you want

    09 November 2019


  1. Video

    Children and labour don't belong together

    04 November 2019

  2. Our impact, their voices

    We also have dreams

    25 October 2019