Results of the ILO Constituents Survey 2010 on Knowledge Management

Summarizes the results of the ILO Knowledge Management survey conducted in June 2010 and outlines the next steps for the ILO and its members in the area of knowledge sharing and knowledge management.

Knowledge matters. Its value increases when managed and shared. Effective knowledge systems allow organizations to maximize the impact of their work. As one of the leading organizations focused on labour, the International Labour Organization (ILO) places great importance on knowledge management and sharing its resources.

In its efforts to understand the changing needs of constituents and to ensure that their voices are reflected, ROAP undertook a survey in June of 2010, to:

- Gauge the level of interest and use of the Asia Pacific (regional and country) website and existing ILO sponsored CoPs; and
- Identify ways to improve the Asia Pacific (regional and country) website and leverage future ILO sponsored CoPs in Asia and the Pacific.

The 2010 responses reemphasized the need for tailored knowledge services from the ILO. The results, as summarized in the following pages, will serve as a roadmap for ROAP to improve its knowledge sharing strategy, delivery of services and management of information on behalf of its constituents.