Asia-Pacific Climate Week - ASEAN Green Jobs Policy Readiness Report Launch

As part of Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2021, this event will officially launch the Regional Study on Green Jobs Policy Readiness in ASEAN, which was discussed during the 2020 ASEAN Inter-Ministerial Forum on the Implementation of the ASEAN Declaration on Promoting Green Jobs for Equity and Inclusive Growth in ASEAN Community, and provide an opportunity to highlight the key findings and implications of the report for ASEAN member states as well as other partners throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


The 2018 ASEAN Declaration On Promoting Green Jobs For Equity And Inclusive Growth Of ASEAN Community marks a significant step for ASEAN promoting Green jobs as a high priority and actively promoting green employment in clean energy, energy efficiency and green buildings and urban planning, as well as developing policy to support sustainable production and consumption systems such as circular economy.

However, each ASEAN Member State (AMS) is working at a different pace, and with a differing focus. The consequence is that gaps exist in knowledge and data sources for green jobs at the ASEAN level, including understanding the country and sectoral level supply and demand drivers for green jobs, the resulting impacts on labour standards and occupational health and safety, as well as the implications for educational structures, particularly training and vocational education (TVET) systems.

The ILO and ASEAN, with the leadership of Malaysia worked together to address this challenge by conducting a study to assess policy readiness for promoting green jobs and a just transition across AMS. In completing these assessments, the authors drew on responses to an extensive questionnaire completed by AMS countries between April and September 2020. Results from this questionnaire, along with other document analysis, were then used to develop country narratives and a summary assessment, which are presented in the report titled Regional Study on Green Jobs Policy Readiness in ASEAN.

As part of Asia Pacific Climate Week, this event will officially launch the report and will provide an opportunity to discuss the key findings and implications of the report for ASEAN member states.