CSR training for HR managers in Mactan Export Zone and future business leaders - ONLINE

The Responsible Supply Chains in Asia programme, in conjunction with the Asian Institute of Managment is conducting a training seminar on socially responsible business practices

Note:Dates are to be confirmed for this training.

The training will create awareness and understanding of leading international CSR instruments. It will also promote a better understanding of the what, why and how of CSR/RBC for the purpose of instilling among the participants the essential knowledge, attitude and social values that will make them become effective instruments in the promotion of more socially responsible business practices. In particular, the CSR/RBC Training is expected to develop capacity among the members of the MEPZ HRA to advocate and replicate the training within their respective enterprises and their supply chains. For Business Management Students of USC, the training will provide them with an understanding of pertinent issues revolving around businesses.
The training will take the form of 2 hour daily webinar sessions from July 20-29, 2020, with 2 days face to face sessions – to be scheduled on the last quarter of 2020