Social Protection

Training Workshop on Employment Insurance (EI): Global, Regional and Korean Experience on (Un) Employment Insurance

The training workshop on EI was held in collaboration with the ILO, the ILO/ITC Training Centre, and Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) on 28 October - 1 November 2019. It aims to enhance the capacity of stakeholders involved in the design, implementation and governance of employment insurance programmes.

The workshop brought together tripartite delegation from Malaysia, Thailand and Viet Nam. Training methods of the workshop were comprised of lectures and discussions, case studies and group works that facilitate effective learning. The participants was engaged in exchanging their experiences and developing their ideas on social protection policies including EI schemes. Further, a visit to one of the office branches of Employment and Welfare Service Centre offered the participants an opportunity to observe how the EI services are provided in Korea.

As a result of this training, the participants are expected to be able to:
  • To strengthen understanding of Employment Insurance schemes, ILO’s approach to unemployment protection and social dialogue;
  • To foster institutional setup, management and administrative system as well as monitoring and evaluation;
  • To have a better understanding on concrete operations of EI scheme at the country level and possible strategies towards improving the quality of service provisions.