ILO/ASEAN Seminar on Strengthening Social Protection in ASEAN

The Promoting and building social protection in Asia (3rd phase): Extending social security coverage in ASEAN will organize a seminar to share the comments and endorsements with the SLOM Working Group and ASEAN tripartite partners of the Expanding social protection to workers in informal employment in ASEAN report together with the Old-Age income security in ASEAN Member States: A vision of key policy concepts, trends, challenges and opportunities.

In many countries, social protection benefits are often accessible only for those who contribute to social insurance and work in the formal sectors. This means that a large share of workers, also called the “missing middle”, are effectively excluded from social protection coverage and lack of accessibility of a basic level of income security and access to health care.

This seminar aims to promote discussions among the ASEAN tripartite representatives about concrete recommendations and policy options for the extension of social protection coverage. The result of the seminar will identify the general framework for the policy recommendations in the ASEAN Region and further discussion at the SLOM Working Group.