ILO/ASEAN Seminar on The Future of Social Protection

During the 15th Senior Labour Officials Meeting (15th SLOM), ILO is organising a seminar on July 4 and 5 in collaboration with ASEAN and the Government of Thailand, while inviting senior social security experts of ASEAN tripartite stakeholders.

The seminar aims at promoting policy dialogues on the future of social protection among the high-level delegation of ASEAN stakeholders (July 4), and technical discussions on concrete recommendations and policy options for the extension of social protection coverage among experts (July 5). Findings of ILO/ASEAN studies will be shared to promote the policy dialogues, including: Expanding social protection to workers in informal employment in ASEAN (chaired by Thailand) and Old-age income security in ASEAN Member States: A vision of key policy concepts, trends, challenges and opportunities (chaired by Viet Nam).

The seminar consists of the high-level meeting and experts’ sessions:
  • High-level meeting on the future of social protection in ASEAN on 4 July 2019, commencing at 15.00 hrs. : This session expects the participation of the Head of SLOM Delegation and senior officials on social protection.
  • Experts’ sessions on informal employment and old-age income security on 5 July 2019, commencing at 8.30 hrs. : These sessions expect senior officials on social protection.
For more details, please find the tentative programme.