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ILO/Korea Training Wokrshop on Employment Injury Insurance (EII): Capacity building on EII Policy and Administration

The EII workshop was held in collaboration with the ILO, Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service (COMWEL) and Global Employment Injury Insurance Programme on 4-8 March 2019. The global knowledge of the ILO complemented by the concrete practical experience of COMWEL in the design and implementation of the Korean scheme offered a unique opportunity to design a comprehensive training programme on the topic of Employment Injury Insurance.

The workshop brought together tripartite delegations from Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. During the workshop, the participants attended a series of lectures given by ILO specialists and COMWEL researchers. They also had an opportunity to visit Korea Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Engineering Center (KOREC) overseen by COMWEL. At the end of the workshop, the participants drafted the action plan that identifies the current situation of the EII schemes at national level and seeks improvements for their own schemes.

As a result of the workshop, participants are expected to be able to:
  • Enhance the understanding on global policy on EII and key principles of scheme design with reference to ILO standards and inspired by COMWEL experience;
  • Share with all the participants and facilitators their countries main challenges and inspired by the discussion try to develop new solutions;
  • Increase their understanding on the concrete operations of an EII scheme, with a particular focus on the experience of the Republic of Korea.