The Role of Employers’ Organizations in Matching Skills and Increasing Mobility Across the ASEAN Region: Employers’ Regional Workshop – ASEAN TRIANGLE Project

To support national employers’ organizations in responding to issues related to skills and mobility, the ILO Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP) organized a regional workshop in the framework of the ASEAN TRIANGLE project. Through presentations by regional and global experts and open discussion between ASEAN employers, the workshop aimed to increase businesses’ understanding of the implications of skilled labour mobility and to discuss challenges and good practices of employers in relation to migration in all skill categories.

Topics discussed:

1. Recruiting Skilled Labour in ASEAN – Current Practices and the Future;
2. The role of Employers’ Organizations (EOs) in facilitating increased mobility and improve Skills Recognition; and
3. The role of Employers in developing National and Regional Skills Policy Frameworks.