ASEAN Regional Employers Workshop: Managing Labour Mobility for Inclusion, Innovation and Business Competitiveness, 9-10 May 2016, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Managing workforce diversity, particularly in the context of labour migration, is an essential tool for improving business competitiveness. As an employers’ component of ASEAN TRIANGLE Project (ATP)’s Action Plan to fully engage employers’ organizations on labour migration processes in ASEAN, ASEAN Confederation of Employers (ACE) adopted an employers’ policy framework for sustainable labour migration in ASEAN in 2013. The framework prioritizes five fundamental areas for business and policy decision makers. For the first four areas, regional workshops have taken place and background papers and policy position papers developed. This meeting is the fifth in this series on ‘Managing Diversity and Workplace Integration in the ASEAN Countries’.

Meeting Objective:

The fifth regional technical meeting on ‘Managing Labour Mobility for Inclusion, Innovation and Business Competitiveness’ will aim to provide a platform for constructive dialogues among ASEAN employers to:

• Discuss strengths and weaknesses of current practices and potential future opportunities and challenges in managing migrant workers diversity and integration at workplace;

• Showcase and share good business practice models and lessons learned;

• Discuss possible regulatory frameworks and corporate strategies that need to be adopted/improved/implemented by multi-stakeholders, including national/regional governments and employer organizations such as ACE.