Capacity Building Workshop on Strengthening the Role of Labour Attachés in Thailand: Ethical Recruitment

The International Labour Organization ASEAN TRIANGLE Project and the Ministry of Labour, Thailand, have launched a series of consultations with labour attachés and embassy officials from Cambodia, Laos PDR and Myanmar now posted in Bangkok to strengthen dialogue between the ministry and labour attaches and consular officials. The third consultation of labour attaches, addressing the issue of ethical recruitment and hiring procedures, will be held on the 29th July 2015.

The First consultation workshop was co-hosted by the MOL and ILO on 13 June 2014. It familiarized labour attachés and consular officials with issues relevant to the protection of their migrant workforce including Thai labour laws and policies, registration procedures, complaints mechanisms, international labour standards, and the role of labour attachés. The workshop also strengthened relationships, facilitated communication and developed synergies between the embassies, authorities, social partners and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

The Second consultation was held on 12 February 2015 and focused on complaints mechanism. The consultation workshop aimed at: (1) updating labour attachés and consular officials on changes in policies relevant to migrant workers in Thailand and discussing the role of labour attachés in facilitating migrant workers’ access to complaints mechanisms; and (2) strengthening relationships, facilitating communication and developing synergies among the embassies, authorities, social partners and NGOs, with a view that greater cooperation among the various organizations involved in the provision of support services to migrants will increase efficiency and result in more positive outcomes for migrant workers.