World Day against Child Labour 2015

On 12 June 2015, the World Day against Child Labour, the ILO, in collaboration with UNICEF, UNESCO and UNGEI, launched an UCW report, "The twin challenges of child labour and educational marginalisation in the East and South-East Asia region" and organized an expert panel discussion about the linkage between accessible quality education and the elimination of child labour in the East and South East Asia region.

On the World day against child labour this year, 12th June, the ILO hosted an event in collaboration with UNICEF, UNESCO and UNGEI on the theme “NO to Child Labour – YES to Quality Education”.

At the event, a report "The Twin Challenges of Child Labour and Educational Marginalisation in the Southeast and East Asia regions " prepared by the UCW (Understanding Children's Work) interagency initiative was launched. The launch represented an occasion to discuss the child labour and education challenges in the ASEAN region, with particular emphasis on the issues of marginalization, out-of-school children and the school-to-work transition.

The event brought together policy influencers, advocates, and activists in the East and South-East Asia sub-region including academics and students, diplomatic missions, specialists and development professionals especially from the UN and INGO family, to enhance cooperation and further the policy advocacy agenda around the twin issues of combating child labour and promoting quality education for all.

A high level panel of policy experts in the region comprising Sukti Dasgupta, Phil Robertson, Dan Rono, Abigail Cuales Lanceta and Furio Rosati provided valuable insight around 3 questions-
  • Why is the theme of this WDACL relevant to the work you do or to your policy advocacy agenda?
  • What do you see as challenges and opportunities in pursuing the twin agenda?
  • What concrete policy recommendations would you suggest should form part of the policy advocacy agenda as we enter the post 2015 era in this region? How can the Future of Work and the Future of Education agendas best align to serve the people of ASEAN+ a future without child labour?
We urge you to take a look at the workshop report and the video of the event and use them for educational and advocacy purposes:
  • Summary Report of the event
  • Opening Speeches
  • UCW Presentation and Q&A
  • Expert Panel Discussion and Q&A
Along with the launch of the report, a powerful award winning film made by Thai University students on the theme of child labour and education was shown. The ILO also showcased a Thai rock band cover of the original WDACL song on child labor, “Till Everyone Can See " which has attracted over 500,000 views since its release prior to WDACL.