KNOMAD and ILO Asia Pacific, Workshop on Migration Cost Surveys

Migration affects development in countries of origin and destination. The World Bank-led Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD) is a platform to synthesize and generate knowledge and policy expertise on migration and development issues. To achieve these objectives, in 2014, the TWG launched a project to collect migration cost data that is comparable across migrant-sending countries. Analysis from the data collection would contribute to setting a global target to reduce migration costs – e.g. to one month’s wage. This initiative complements ILO’s on-going efforts in Asia to improve recruitment services, including the monitoring of recruitment costs. The objective of this training is to equip researchers to undertake in-person migrant surveys to measure the costs in a given country. Thus it will have two components: (i) training on how to set up and operate the Survey Solutions – the World Bank’s Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing system (CAPI), and (ii) to discuss a sampling framework in each interview country. The workshop/ training is in collaboration between the KNOMAD, ILO Asia Pacific and the World Bank DECCT.