Supporting sustainable workplaces and green jobs: Workshop for trade union representatives

The one-day workshop is organized under the Greener Business Asia Project held at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Bangkok.

To introduce participants to environmental challenges as an issue for unions in the contexts of representation and members’ mobilisation

Trade unions have a vital role to play in contributing to the process of change to foster a just transformation that tackles these urgent challenges. They have a key contribution to give at the level of policy and advocacy to ensure key workers’ concerns are addressed and the transition is based on dialogue. They also have a key contribution to make through their role in outreach and education, which reaches out to industries and workplaces and can be a vital force for change.

The interest and commitment expressed by trade unions and their willingness to contribute to these emerging issues have call for the need of tailored assistance and tools to enable them to leverage their role and make their contributions in shaping responses and solutions.

Within this context the GBA project, in collaboration with ACTRAV specialists in the region, has sought to respond to the call from unions to become more involved in responses to sustainability challenges by

1) developing a handbook for trade unions and
2) organizing workshops based on the handbook materials