Green Jobs in Asia Regional Conference

On 29-31 August 2012, a tripartite regional workshop will discuss the Green Jobs in Asia project to highlight successful approaches, areas of improvement and the way forward. Representatives from GJA will include Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. They will be joined by additional countries with Green Jobs experience: China, Fiji, India and Thailand.

This regional conference will serve as an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned from the Green Jobs in Asia Project activities in the five target countries, showcasing initiatives and actions to advocate green jobs by ILO constituents, as well as provide a platform for further discussions on key messages related to social dimension of climate and environment-related policies with additional countries in the region. The meeting will be organized with a view to advancing further interregional cooperation and action on green jobs, highlighting the critical role of the ILO and its constituents involved in this effort.

This meeting is open to representatives from governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations from a limited number of countries as well as to experts and practitioners involved in green jobs. The ILO and UNEP have defined green jobs as employment designed to reduce environmental impact, ultimately resulting in levels of economic activity that are sustainable.

The conference materials can be downloaded at Asia-Pacific Green Jobs Community of Practice.