Green Jobs, Greener Business Training for Constituents and Partners – Thailand

The training is organized under the Greener Business Asia Project and supported by the Government of Japan. It aims at fostering the understanding by Thai constituents of the conceptual framework that provides the foundation for initiatives promoting Green Jobs and principles of a Just Transition.


It is widely acknowledged that unsustainable use of resources, high levels of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and the deterioration of natural capital in general pose severe threats to today’s economies and societies across national borders. They threaten the very basis of growth and development and endanger livelihood security for millions of people who are dependent on those resources or potentially affected by climate change. At the same time policy measures aimed at supporting a shift to more sustainable growth and development trajectories have far-reaching implications for employment and labour market dynamics in many countries and economic sectors.

The importance of concerted efforts and joint actions to address such challenges is well recognised by governments, trade unions and employers organisations, and has been reiterated in several forums. As part of these efforts, the International Labour Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Trade Union Confederation and the International Organization of Employers came together in the Green Jobs initiative with the goal of promoting environmentally sustainable jobs in a climate-challenged world. The initiative seeks to enhance dialogue and strengthen collaborations, build the capacity of ILO constituents, fill knowledge gaps, facilitate a ‘just’ transition to environmentally sound economies, and support policies to achieve the sustainability of jobs and enterprises.

It is in this context that the ILO project Greener Business Asia (GBA), was initiated with assistance from the Government of Japan. The project seeks to support ILO’s constituents and national institutions in addressing environmental and climate-related challenges with a focus on measures to achieve greener workplaces and sustainable enterprises through a model of worker-employer cooperation.

As part of its strategy towards this goal, GBA is organizing the training “Green Jobs, Greener Business” in order to foster the understanding by Thai constituents of the conceptual framework that provides the foundation for initiatives promoting green jobs and principles of a just transition.


The training aims at enhancing understanding by Thai constituents and partners of the following:

1. Core notions of climate change and other environmental challenges in the context of emerging social and economic trends

2. Linkages to employment and the world of work – key concepts of green jobs and just transition

3. Strategies to promote green jobs, including principles and approaches to sustainable production and consumption

4. Thailand’s national context and policy framework

5. Potential roles and contributions of constituents in the promotion of green jobs, green businesses and a just transition

For further information please contact:

Ms Camilla Roman
Project Coordinator/Greener Business Asia
ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Tel: +66 2 288 1930
Fax: +66 2 288 1076