Asia-Pacific Decent Work Decade

In 2006, the Governments, employers and workers’ organizations of Asia-Pacific committed themselves to an Asia-Pacific Decent Work Decade (ADWD). The Decade, which was announced at the end of the ILO’s Fourteenth Asian Regional Meeting, ran from 2006 to 2015.

The purpose was to promote the ILO members’ commitment to the goal of “Decent Work for All” and full, productive and decent employment.

To do this and to reflect the different economic, social and development of each country, the ILO member States are creating their own national Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCP), which set out appropriate, individual goals. The ILO’s work at national and regional level is designed and channeled to support member countries in making these targets a reality.

In addition, and to help member States achieve the aims of the ADWD, five regional priorities were selected:
  • The youth employment challenge in Asia and the Pacific
    Although unemployment in the region has risen generally, young workers are bearing the brunt. In the region’s developing economies young people are at least three times more likely to be unemployed than adults. Promoting decent work for young women and men is crucial for realizing the aims of the Asia-Pacific Decent Work Decade.
  • Labour market governance in Asia and the Pacific
    Patterns of work in the region are changing rapidly. It is crucial that the governance of labour markets in the region keeps pace with these changes. Policies, laws and institutions affect the supply of and demand for labour, and whether or not labour markets are fair, efficient and equitable.
  • Local development for decent work
    The process of globalization offers new economic opportunities for many but also brings new challenges for rural and urban communities, cities, regions and nations. While the recent impressive growth has improved the quality of life and work, one billion people in the region still lack employment opportunities, access to basic social and economic services, and endure poor working conditions. Local Development for Decent Work supports the improvement of livelihoods, creation of decent jobs and the development of sustainable local economies
To support member countries the ILO produced a set of concise booklets about these priority areas. Each contains an introduction to the topic, details of the ILO’s approach and links to further resources such as tools, knowledge networks and additional expertise. The introductory booklet gives background and provides guidance for using the five thematic booklets.