Workshop on "National employment policy for Cambodia with a focus on young women and men”

This meeting will bring together some 100 senior representatives of the Government’s line ministries, employers’ and workers’ organisations as well as key stakeholders. Participants will include senior officials (director or deputy level) from the ministries of labour, industry, commerce, interior, information, rural development, planning, women’s affairs, agriculture and finance, NIS (National Institute of Statistics), CARD (Council for Agriculture and Rural Development), NSSF (National Social Security Fund); NAA (National AIDS Authority); SNCCL (Sub-National Committee on Child Labour), NEA (National Employment Agency, SNEC (Supreme National Economic Council), and senior members of CAMFEBA and Trade Unions, youth representatives including university students, development partners/UN agencies, including ADB and ILO, as well as representatives from the implementing. The objective of the workshop is (1) To discuss the findings of the background studies. (2) To discuss implications for the NEP of the recommendations made by the background studies in terms of: a. main components of the NEP; b. existing labour market institutions or new institutional/coordination arrangments (e.g the expanded role of the National Training Board, CARD) that can potentially address the recommendations made; and c. policy areas that need collaboration with other ministries or other institutions/organizations.