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February 2024

  1. © ILO/Gita Lingga 2024

    Migrant Resource Centre reduces migrant fishers’ vulnerability at sea

    27 February 2024

    Lack of access to information on migration has made migrant fishers vulnerable to exploitation. The ILO’s 8.7 Accelerator Lab programme and the Indonesian Migrant Worker Union (SBMI) have set up a Migrant Worker Resource Centre (MRC) to better protect Indonesian migrant fishers.

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    Local authorities at district and village levels play a key role in protecting migrant fishing boat crews from forced labour at sea

    07 February 2024

    The ILO’s 8.7 Accelerator Lab programme, in collaboration with its trade union partner, builds the capacity of local authorities of Pemalang district, known for its fishing industry, to better protect their migrant fishers through a Migrant Worker Resource Centre.

  3. Promoting Advancement of Vulnerable Persons and Enterprises (PAVE) Project

    01 February 2024

    The PAVE project builds on the ILO’s project Local Empowerment through Economic Development (LEED+) Project, which was supported by the Government of Norway and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The LEED+ project successfully used market systems to promote sustainable improvements in livelihoods.

  4. © AFP 2024

    ILO marks third anniversary of Myanmar military takeover with call for the release of trade union leaders and all those unjustly detained

    01 February 2024

    Deep concern expressed at continual erosion of civic space and trade union rights in the country.

January 2024

  1. ILO and BRIN kick off a joint survey on decent work in marine fishing in Indonesia

    15 January 2024

    To support more efficient policies and interventions that better protect Indonesian fishers from forced labour, the ILO’s 8.7 Accelerator Lab programme and the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) conducts a joint survey on fishers’ working conditions in Indonesia.

  2. Extending social protection coverage among Mongolian herders: Closing the social protection coverage gap for Mongolian herders

    03 January 2024

    This policy brief highlights challenges that hinder the inclusion of herders in social protection coverage. Some policy options that can increase the coverage have been considered based on international experience and ILO social security norms and principles.

December 2023

  1. Social protection diagnostic review: From a schematic to systems approach for social protection

    25 December 2023

    The objective of this study is to assist social dialogue in Mongolia by building evidence and engaging with constituents to make recommendations pertaining to the future of social protection in the country.

  2. Advancing an Inclusive Financial Ecosystem that Enables Responsible Digital Wage Payments for SMEs and Workers in Indonesia: an OJK-ILO Workshop

    The workshop is intended to facilitate discussions on the challenges and opportunities faced by financial and payroll service providers in responsibly transitioning to digital wage payments.

November 2023

  1. Indonesia strengthens joint labour inspection system in fishing sector with guidance tool

    09 November 2023

    The ILO’s 8.7 Accelerator Lab programme supports the effort to strengthen joint labour inspection system in fishing sector between the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF).

  2. Impact of multiple crises on Sri Lanka’s micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

    07 November 2023

    This study set out to inform the labour market disruptions caused by the multiple crises do provide for an unprecedented opportunity for the Sri Lankan labour market to reset with a MSME business recovery model at centre stage.