Informal economy resources

April 2000

  1. Gender dimensions of the economic crisis and employment in urban informal and rural sectors in Indonesia

    28 April 2000

    In the face of Asian crisis, there has been increasing concern that women workers may be disproportionately affected by the downturn in Indonesia. However, the nature of the impact and changes that have been occurring in the country required specific and in-depth gender -differential impact assessment on employment and economic opportunities in various sectors.

December 1998

  1. Study on the potential expansion of labour-based, equipment-supported infrastructure programme in the Philippines

    11 December 1998

    The study fills the need for an investigation on the status of the application of the labour-based, equipment-supported and labour-intensive methods of construction, particularly in the government infrastructure sector due to a prevailing view that there exist serious impediments to their wider and improved use.

October 1995

  1. Credit unions as channels of micro-credit lines: The Philippine case

    20 October 1995

    The report presents the findings of a sample survey of 105 credit unions affiliated to two-nationwide federations. The survey focused on the effects of external funding on the growth of credit unions, their resource base and diversity especially savings mobilization from members, profitability and loan delinquency.

September 1995

  1. Processes of formalization and informalization: Selected cases

    25 September 1995

    The legal definition of informal sector enterprises focuses on the fact that they are not registered and do not, therefore, apply the various registrations which are normally adhered to by formal sector enterprises. It is important to identify the reasons or constraints which prevent such enterprises from registering with the local and/or national government agencies.

August 1995

  1. Formalization of enterprises through registration: Main report

    28 August 1995

    The report summarizes the finding and recommendations of an extensive study on the process of formalization.

April 1995

  1. Child workers in footwear manufacturing in Marikina

    14 April 1995

    The child labour problem concerns all types and sizes of enterprises, but is more prevalent in informal sector enterprises. The study focusses on child labourers engaged in Marikina's footwear industry.

February 1995

  1. Feasibility study for the establishment of a common facility centre in Marikina

    24 February 1995

    The report provides full assessment of the technical and financial feasibility of a centre that will help determine whether it should be established.

December 1994

  1. Cooperative entrepreneurship for managers: Trainers' manual

    15 December 1994

    The manual is for managers who learn by doing, who have learned most of what they know from practical experience. It is meant to support them with more background knowledge, and also offers enough opportunity to share their experiences and ideas.

November 1994

  1. Assessing the efficiency and outreach of urban micro-finance schemes: Main report

    18 November 1994

    The report includes two parts: the main report where data and information collected from five case studies on financial intermediaries are assessed and recommendations are made for improving access to financial services by the informal sector; and a second part where the five case studies are presented.

October 1994

  1. Cooperative entrepreneurship for members: Trainers' manual

    14 October 1994

    The aim of the report is to convince cooperative members who have an innovative attitude and are willing to improve their entrepreneurial capabilities.