Informal economy resources

July 1994

  1. People with disabilities in the informal sector

    15 July 1994

    The report summarizes the findings and recommendations of a study with the following main objectives to assess the severity of the special problems faced by people with disabilities (PWDs).

March 1994

  1. Manual for training cooperative management staff

    31 March 1994

    The manual was developed in answer to a long felt need for a resource material for practical training of cooperative staff.

January 1994

  1. Trainers' manual: Pre-membership education seminar

    10 January 1994

    The target group of this training consists of future members of cooperatives, persons who have shown interest and the intention to either become members of an existing cooperative, or who want to organize and register their own.

April 1990

  1. Informal sector: Labour laws and industrial relations

    30 April 1990

    For the purpose of this paper, the following definition of the informal sector is adopted: "The informal sector consists of small-scale, self-employed activities, with or without hired workers, typically operating with a low level of organization and technology with the primary objective of generating employment and incomes.