Informal economy resources

November 2002

  1. Adaptation of an official definition on the informal sector

    06 November 2002

    National Statistical Coordination Board Resolution No. 15 Series of 2002

June 2002

  1. Resolution concerning decent work and the informal economy

    01 June 2002

January 2002

  1. Impact of the economic crisis on homeworkers in Thailand

    01 January 2002

    Describes the changing conditions and problems faced by homeworkers in two industries, the artificial flower and ready-made garment industries.

November 2001

  1. Community-based micro-insurance schemes offering maternity health case: Philippine experience

    16 November 2001

    The report explores new ways and practices through which maternity protection through community-based micro-insurance schemes can be expanded to cover women in the informal economy.

September 2001

  1. The Novadeci health care programme: Philippines

    10 September 2001

    The paper looks at a self-help scheme for the poor called the Novadeci Health Care Programme. The paper describes the objectives of the scheme how it operates and who are the actors involved in its management and organization.

July 2001

  1. Actuarial assessment of the Tarlac health maintenance programme (THMP): Philippines

    30 July 2001

    This is an actuarial assessment of a feasibility study on re-insurance for community-based healthcare schemes. Coverage of the scheme is voluntary and open to all residents of Tarlac Province in the Philippines.

January 2001

  1. The informal sector in Mongolia

    01 January 2001

    Updates and extends earlier research on the informal sector in Mongolia and draws on the experience and expertise of the ILO in conducting research and identifying policies for the informal sector.

September 2000

  1. Health micro-insurance: A compendium

    29 September 2000

    This Compendium provides key information on 130 health micro-insurance schemes (HMIS) from 26 countries and three continents. It allows interested parties to obtain a broad overview of a large number of the HMIS that exist in the world today.

April 2000

  1. Gender dimensions of the economic crisis and employment in urban informal and rural sectors in Indonesia

    28 April 2000

    In the face of Asian crisis, there has been increasing concern that women workers may be disproportionately affected by the downturn in Indonesia. However, the nature of the impact and changes that have been occurring in the country required specific and in-depth gender -differential impact assessment on employment and economic opportunities in various sectors.

December 1998

  1. Study on the potential expansion of labour-based, equipment-supported infrastructure programme in the Philippines

    11 December 1998

    The study fills the need for an investigation on the status of the application of the labour-based, equipment-supported and labour-intensive methods of construction, particularly in the government infrastructure sector due to a prevailing view that there exist serious impediments to their wider and improved use.