Employment model in Philippines: Promoting Green Jobs and Livelihoods in Environmentally Sustainable Construction of Social Housing

This employment model is produced by the Green Jobs in Asia project supported by the Australian Government – ILO Partnership Agreement (2010–2015)

The construction of social housing is not typically considered a testing ground for green innovation. However, eligible residents of the Southville 8 housing project in Rodriguez, Rizal are learning the skills necessary for the production and installation of environmentally-friendly construction materials, improving their employment prospects and creating a healthier, more climate-secure community in the process. The employment model in sustainable construction for the Philippines establishes a strategy for the creation of green/er jobs. It does so by supporting innovative partnerships and developing curricula for skills, entrepreneurship and financial training to promote green jobs for low-income communities, with a particular focus on women. This strategy is based on the construction of new-build projects, involving a multi-tiered approach, with partners drawn from both the public and private sectors.