Forced labour resources

  1. Responsible Business Conduct and Decent Work in Global Supply Chains

    A seminar with students from South China University to introduce key CSR concepts, training on relevant international policy frameworks and initiatives and debate about their efficiency and coherence.

  2. E-Learning Course on Forced Labour and Trafficking in Persons for Malaysian Law Enforcers launched

    21 January 2022

  3. Healthy socio-economic recovery of apparel sector Micro and Small Enterprises in severely COVID-19 impacted Gampaha District of Sri Lanka

    04 January 2022

    This project aims at contributing towards the healthy socio-economic recovery of apparel sector Micro and Small Enterprises. It is implemented in Gampaha district that has been hardest hit by the pandemic both in terms of the health crisis and socio-economically. Gampaha hosts a large number of MSEs in the informal economy struggling to survive and build back from COVID19.

  4. Migrant fishers prone to modern slavery

    20 December 2021

    An opinion editorial by Tauvik Muhamad, programme manager for ILO's skills development and Muhammad Nour, ILO's programme coordinator for Accelerator Lab 8.7, in conjunction with the commemoration of the International Migrants Day. The opinion article was published by the Jakarta Post on 20 December.

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    Malaysia takes major step towards ending forced labour

    26 November 2021

    National Action Plan launched with aim to eliminate forced labour in Malaysia by 2030.

  6. Regional Trade Union Workshop for promoting decent work and socially responsible labour practices in global supply chains

    This regional forum will aim to build the capacity of trade union organisations and enable workers and unions to strategically use international instruments in the field of Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) (ILO MNE Declaration, OECD Guidelines on MNEs and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights)

  7. Sabah stakeholders seek solutions to forced labour, child labour challenges

    12 November 2021

    Challenges and best practices to address child and forced labour were discussed by a wide range of Sabah stakeholders recently.

  8. A Bright Future Ahead: Understanding and Addressing Forced Labour and Child Labour Issues

    This online event will provide guidance to Sabah employers and other stakeholders on how it can prevent and address forced labour and child labour in their operations.

  9. ILO-CEC Workshop on Advancing International Labour Standards and socially responsible labour practices on the “belt and road”

    Mianyang, Sichuan Province

  10. Tripartite Consultation - Gap Analysis on the Forced Labour Protocol (2014)

    07 September 2021

    The Ministry of Overseas Pakistani and Human Resource Development (MoOP&HRD) with the technical assistance of the ILO convened a stakeholder’s consultation on the situation and gaps concerning the Protocol on Forced Labour (P029, 2014).