Call for Submissions

  1. Tackling Gender- Based Violence and Harassment in the world of work in Asia and the Pacific

    ILO in Asia and Pacific, in collaboration with UNFPA and the ILO/UN Women Joint Programme “Safe and Fair: Safe and Fair: Realizing Women Migrant Worker’s Rights and Opportunities in the ASEAN region”, is calling for good practices and lessons learned in preventing and responding to gender-based violence and harassment which includes sexual harassment in the world of work. Interested individuals are requested to submit the documents outlined in the Call for Submissions by 20 September 2019.

Equality and discrimination in Asia and the Pacific

Abused Indonesian domestic worker ©Steve McCurry

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Promoting equality and eliminating discrimination at work are essential to achieving decent work in Asia and the Pacific. Extending labour protection and applying principles of non-discrimination and equality in workplaces therefore plays a vital role. Some groups are at particular risk of labour exploitation, these include: domestic workers;women; migrants; human trafficking victims; ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples; people living with HIV-AIDS; and people living with disabilities. More than 60 per cent of workers in Asia and the Pacific are characterized as 'vulnerable', meaning they are own-account workers, unpaid family workers, or in casual, part-time or temporary employment . Gender is an important issue because women make up a disproportionally large share of these vulnerable workers, reflecting their limited opportunities in gainful work and their dual roles as income earners and family care givers.

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