Child Labour resources

October 1999

  1. Elimination of Child Labour in the Soccer Ball Industry in Sialkot, Pakistan

    The project started in October 1997 and its 1st phase came to an end in October 1999. This is an evaluation report of Phase I of the project.

  2. Sri Lanka: Child activity survey: Sri Lanka (1999)

    A report on child labour activity in Sri Lanka in 1999 based on the Household Based Survey Module on Child Labour.

September 1999

  1. New Convention and campaign to eliminate worst forms of child labour

    Global ILO campaign begins in Asia for ratification of its new Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182).

April 1999

  1. Out of sight, out of mind: child domestic workers in the Philippines

    In April 1999 Anti-Slavery began a project, which set out to raise the profile of a type of child labour that could be considered under the proposed ILO Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention. With the new Convention due to be adopted in June 1999, the project aimed to challenge the Philippine government's commitment to the new ILO Convention. The project was funded by Oxfam and Anti-Slavery, implemented together with Visayan Forum, a non-government organization working on migrant child labour issues. This video produced by Anti-Slavery as part of its campaign on child domestic workers in the Philippines, has led to the drafting of a law which will protect child domestic workers.

January 1999

  1. Children in prostitution, pornography and illicit activities in Thailand: magnitude of problems and remedies

    Focuses on child prostitution, child pornography and other illicit activities involving children, including trafficking. Reviews for each part the magnitute of the problem, reviews current legal framework and gives recommendations for further action.

May 1998

  1. Update Sialkot - Issue 3

January 1998

  1. Update Sialkot - Issue 2

  2. Alternatives to child labour: a review of action programmes with a skills training component in Asia

    Reviews, evaluates and documents the strong and weak points of the nineteen action programmes with a skills training component to combat child labour. Identifies areas where ILO/IPEC could provide additional inputs to maximize the impact.

  3. Child labour in Cambodia: an overview

    An overview of child labour in Cambodia.

  4. Combating trafficking in children for labour exploitation in the Mekong sub-region: a proposed framework for ILO-IPEC action and proceedings of a Mekong sub-regional consultation

    Presents research on the nature and magnitude of trafficking in the Mekong sub-region and outlines the key characteristics of the ILO-IPEC framework for action to combat trafficking in children. Includes the proceedings, group work and presentations of the preceding sub-regional meeting.