Child Labour resources

June 2002

  1. Children of the kubkub fishery

    The problem of child labour in the fishing sector has caught public attention for decades now. It was first highlighted in the mid-1980’s with the national tri-media’s exposure of muro-ami fishing, a form of commercial fishing which was heavily criticized for utilizing child labor and for causing destruction to the marine environment.

  2. NEPAL: Child Labour in the Nepalese Carpet Sector: A Rapid Assessment (2002)

    An assessment to explore the relationship between child labour and the Nepalese carpet industries.

  3. Creating a healing environment - Volume II: Technical Papers

    Papers presented at the ILO-IPEC South Asian Technical Seminar on Psycho-Social Rehabilitation and Occupational Integration of Child Survivors of Trafficking and Other Worst Forms of Child Labour, 11-14 June 2002, Kathmandu, Nepal

  4. Thailand Making ILO's World day against Child Labour

    Thailand is marking the ILO’s first World Day Against Child Labour with a series of activities including parades and paintings.

May 2002

  1. Cursorial assessment report towards a time-bound national action on child domestic workers in the Philippines

    While child domestic work may not always be hazardous, anecdotal evidence show that there are instances when they suffer grievous work conditions adults would not stand for.

  2. Leading Figures to Launch ILO Global Report on Child Labour in Klong Toey

    Leading figures launch report by the ILO’s Director-General on the extent of child labour in the world today.

April 2002

  1. NEPAL: Specialized Training Manual on Psychosocial Counselling for Trafficked Youth (2002)

    A training manual on psychosocial counselling for trafficked youth developed by the Center for Victims and Torture (CVICT) in Kathmandu. This manual was offered to social workers and counsellors who help the children in rehabilitation centres in South Asia as part of the Trafficking in Children South Asia Project (TICSA) project of the ILO’s International Programme on the elimination of Child Labour (IPEC).

March 2002

  1. An in-depth study on the situation of child labour in the agricultural sector

    This report presents the findings on the situation of the child workers (5-17 years old) in the agricultural sector, specifically covering four industries, namely: (a) sugar; (b) rubber; (c) banana; and (d) pineapple.

February 2002

  1. A cursory assessment study on the situation of child labour in the quarrying industry

    This cursory assessment study is focused on the situation of child labor in the quarrying industry. Quarrying subjects children to manual handling or transport of heavy loads, expose them to work in an unhealthy environment from dust, heat and falling stones.

  2. A cursory assessment study on the situation of child labour in the pyrotechnics industry

    Upon ratification of ILO Convention No. 182, a national interagency team was tasked to implement a Time-Bound Programme (TBP) assisted by ILO-IPEC. The conduct of assessment studies forms part of the preparatory activities leading to an initial assessment of the appropriateness and feasibility of including three priority child labour groups for the TBP.