Child Labour resources

September 2019

  1. Convening actors to develop and implement strategies to reduce child labour and improve working conditions in artisanal and small-scale gold mining (CARING GOLD MINING PROJECT): Fact sheet

    The CARING GOLD MINING Project in the Philippines will address the problem of child labour and poor working conditions in artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) operations by supporting the sector towards setting-up of legal and regulated Peoples’ Small-Scale Mines (Minahang Bayan) that are compliant with environmental, health and labour standards.

August 2019

  1. ILO Bangladesh Hosts High-Level Consultation on Eliminating Child Labour

    Regional workshop explores the gaps in current knowledge base to end Child Labour in Six South East Asia Nations.

  2. National Strategic Planning Forum to Develop a Joint Road-map for Fiji as a Pathfinder Country to Achieve SDG Target 8.7

    The overall aim of the strategic planning forum is to reinforce national commitment and accelerate actions towards the achievement of SDG Target 8.7, in line with Fiji’s status as a Pathfinder Country for Alliance 8.7.

July 2019

  1. Promotion of Decent Work Opportunities for the Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Segments of Society

    Decent Work is a measure to reduce poverty and inequalities in the society. This project proposed three distinct sets of interventions to promote decent work opportunities in Pakistan for vulnerable groups including Child and Bonded Labourers in Brick Kiln Sector, Social Protection; and engaging Pakistani diaspora in Italy.

June 2019

  1. Opening address at the World Day against Child Labour celebration in the Philippines

    By Mr Khalid Hassan, Director, ILO Country Office for the Philippines at the World Day against Child Labour celebration in the Philippines, Pasay, Philippines, 29 June 2019

  2. Eliminating child labour and forced labour in the cotton, textile and garment value chains: an integrated approach (CLEAR COTTON) (Project fact sheet)

    The project seeks to promote enhanced legislation and policies, to address the basic needs and rights of children engaged or at risk of child labour, and of victims of forced labour, while adopting an integrated area based approach, embedded in a value chain approach including cooperation with local industry and international buyers.

  3. Launch of a Girl Guide Badge on Preventing Child Labour

    Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association (SLGGA), in partnership with the ILO in Sri Lanka and Maldives, launched a new badge on preventing Child Labour to mark World Day Against Child Labour last week.

  4. 'Till everyone can see" – Hindi version

    Launch of the Hindi adaptation of the song, 'Till everyone can see", on the occasion of the World Day against Child Labour (WDACL) 2019. The theme of WDACL is "Children shouldn't work in fields but on dreams". The song video was launched during the Joint ILO-MOLE-VVGNLI event to observe the WDACL on 12 June 2019.

  5. Children should work on their dreams, not on fields !

    World Day Against Child Labour is marked on 12 June. Its theme in 2019 is children should work on their dreams, not on fields.

  6. “To be a child is to be a dreamer”

    Not be breadwinners or burdened with adult responsibility. An opinion editorial by Ms Simrin Singh, Country Director, ILO Country Office for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.